Clarence A. Nesbitt Jr., Esq.

Clarence A. Nesbitt Jr., Esq.
Assistant General Counsel & Director, Global Brand Business Affairs
Nike Inc.
Beaverton, OR.
Age: 40

In many ways, Clarence A. Nesbitt Jr. is living the American dream. His parents, immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago, had two children and both became lawyers. Nesbitt graduated, magna cum laude, from Florida A&M University with both a bachelor?s degree in business administration and an MBA, and received a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University. While he has enjoyed a multitude of successes in his career, he is most proud of his wins as a leader in the corporate and philanthropic world as a regional board member for the United Negro College Fund.

?I believe in the potential of a group of motivated, ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things,? Nesbitt says. ?We all can achieve the extraordinary together if each team member is imbued with a sense of purpose and an understanding of their own importance to the team?s objective.?

Nesbitt previously was an associate at Shearman & Sterling LLP, a prestigious law firm in New York City. Over the past nine years, he has crafted a successful career with Nike, serving in a variety of roles of increasing levels of complexity and importance. ?Of particular note, he spent four years in the Netherlands as sports marketing counsel, representing Nike in its negotiations for sponsorship contracts with top-tier athletes, teams and federations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. ?I learned about the necessity of clear and concise communication in an environment where English is a second or third language for your business partners,? Nesbitt says of that experience. ?Consequently, the time abroad has sharpened my communication skills.?

As he is passionate about philanthropy, Nesbitt dreams of creating a scholarship in his parents? names that would allow other immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago to further their education in the United States ? a noble undertaking to help the dreams of others come true.