Chrysa Chin


Chrysa Chin
Vice President, Player Development
National Basketball Association
New York City

Chrysa Chin’s enthusiasm for basketball underpins her dedication to the players of the National Basketball Association. She is the league’s vice president of player development, overseeing day-to-day communication with players and working closely with their families to ensure a strong support network. “We provide personal, professional and social development for players through comprehensive education programs, critical support services and one-on-one mentoring, doing everything possible to ensure their success,” says Chin. She fought hard to prove her ability in the male-dominated environment. “No one thought I could understand the plight or the journey of an athlete. I’ve built my reputation on the fact that I am a trusted source and resource and have served our players for more than twenty years. They know they can talk to me about anything,” she says.
Chin was born and raised in New York. She has African-American, Native American, Cuban and Asian roots — an ethnic diversity that works to her advantage in a hugely diverse industry. “Being able to meet people where they are has allowed me to realize a lot of success. With our players, no matter who they are, where they come from, or what language they speak, I can help them manage everything that is relevant to their surviving in this industry,” she explains.
In the community, Chin works with several initiatives. Some of these support the needs of young people, such as UWANTGAME, a mentoring program for high school athletes; others help to eradicate hunger. “It drives me crazy to know that people are hungry,” she says.
When it’s time to unwind, Chin, a Buddhist, does what she loves the most: going to the temple, studying and spending time with her family. A graduate of William Smith College with a bachelor’s degree in international relations, she serves on several advisory boards and committees.