Chris Brown Strikes Again


Chris BrownChris Brown, the talented and notoriously ill-tempered young R & B superstar, wreaked havoc at the studios of Good Morning America when he stormed off the set during an interview with Robin Roberts, the show?s anchor. In the course of the interview, Roberts asked Brown about his new album and referred to the 2009 domestic violence incident involving his now ex-girlfriend Rihanna. After repeated questioning by Roberts, Brown exploded in anger, left the set, allegedly smashed a chair into the window of his dressing room, and in an increasingly bizarre twist, took his shirt off and left the building half-naked.

Brown has since apologized for his actions but insisted that he was justifiably provoked by Roberts? questioning. Brown alleged the network deviated from pre-determined talking points, an accusation that ABC Studios, the show?s parent network, denied. Regardless, according to Brown, the smashed window was just his way of ?let[ting] off, like, steam?. Apparently Brown didn?t take very good notes during his court-ordered anger management classes.

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