Tips on Choosing the Best Tablet

tablet pc, best tablet pcChoosing the perfect tablet made easy

With the sheer number of tablets available in the market today, choosing the best tablet that perfectly suits your style and personality can be overwhelming. To make this task a lot easier, here are some tips that will guide you in choosing one that best fits your needs.

Tips in Choosing the Best Tablet

Ask yourself if you really need one. Before you take out your credit card, ask yourself if there is a real need for the product. While it does have several advantages over your smartphone and your laptop, especially when it comes to media consumption, it still cannot take the place of any of the two. Now, if you are convinced that you really need one, either for work or for play, then you need to consider your preferred platform, the number of apps available, screen size, resolution and total dimension, and the features that come along with the unit.

Choose your platform. Which platform do you prefer? Do you prefer the Apple iOS that goes with the iPad and iPad Mini or Google Android which comes with a wide variety of hardware? ?Would you rather pick a tablet that runs on the Blackberry OS or would you rather go for one that runs on Windows RT (a special trimmed down version of Windows 8 designed specifically for mobile devices)? It’s really a jungle out there so be wise in choosing one that will work for you.

Consider the number of apps available. For most people, it all boils down to the number and variety of apps available. After all, what is a tablet without its apps? The Apple iOS currently leads in this department with about 650,000 apps available while Google Android is a close second with about 600,000 apps.

Consider the size and the screen. Since the tablet was primarily built for portability, the total dimension of the device should be taken into account. So, which do you prefer ? a smaller 7″ tablet or a humungous 10″ tablet? It’s your choice. You should also consider choosing one with a sharp, bright display for ease of viewing. ?

Study the specs. Take note of the processor, the ports, video outputs and connectors, and the available storage (internal and expandable). You should likewise check if your preferred model comes in a Wi-Fi only model or if it offers a cellular service from a wireless provider. Does it come with stylus support and rear and front-facing camera as well? Make sure you thoroughly check it out before buying one.

Needless to say, choosing the perfect tablet can be a lot easier if you follow these tips.