Choosing the Best Retirement Spot? Consider Your Interests

retirement destinationWhy should you consider your interests when choosing a retirement destination?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a place to retire. It is not enough that you choose a place where you can stretch your retirement income. You should take into consideration the local climate, the quality of health care and general well-being in the area. In addition, you should also consider your interests and whether you?ll fit in your chosen retirement location.

Using these factors, came up with a list of the best and worst retirement locations. Based on their rankings, South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, North Dakota and Wyoming topped the list of best retirement destinations while New York, West Virginia, Alaska, Arkansas and Hawaii were at the bottom of the list.?

With these things in mind, here are some of the top rated retirement destinations for people who want to enjoy their senior years doing the things they love most.

Daytona Beach, Florida

If you love fishing, surf casting and other water-related activities, you will surely enjoy what Daytona Beach, Florida has to offer. And since the state does not impose taxes on Social Security and pensions, it is also one of the most ideal retirement destinations for people who put affordability on top of their list.

Austin, Texas
Retirees who are looking for a retirement spot that has a terrific economy, low crime rate, and warm weather should seriously consider settling in Austin, Texas. This state capital does not require residents to pay personal income tax and offers numerous restaurants, music venues and outdoor destinations for retirees.

Tucson, Arizona
People who love the great outdoors have every reason to choose Tucson, Arizona as their retirement destination. This lovely city also imposes low taxes and offers excellent trails and ski areas so you can spend as much time as you want out in the sun. No wonder, considers it as one of the cities with the highest happiness index.

Cape Coral/Fort Myers, Florida

If you would rather spend most of your time in or near the water, then you would enjoy spending your retirement years in Cape Coral or Fort Myers in Florida.? With more than 400 miles of waterways, you can sunbathe and fish all you can. As an added bonus, the prevailing crime rate in the area is well below the national average.

Mesa, Arizona
With its excellent weather and low property taxes, people who are looking to stretch their retirement income would truly enjoy living in Mesa, Arizona. The city also offers numerous educational, cultural and outdoor attractions to keep you entertained.