Charles King Launches Media Company MACRO

Charles KingCharles King has joined the ranks of African Americans who have launched their own media companies of late. A much-needed endeavor, MACRO is, according to sources, ?a new model entertainment company targeting the explosive multicultural content marketplace and brings a unique focus to content creation, distribution and engagement for the radically underserved African-American, Latino and Multicultural (ALM) audiences.?

The multiplatform entertainment venture will offer film, television and digital content geared towards a multicultural market.

A self-made media executive who started out in the mailroom, King said in a statement, ?There were two major catalysts that propelled me to move to LA and enter the industry over fifteen years ago: my vision to build a media company one day and the knowledge that what I saw on screen did not fully reflect the spectrum of who we are.?

He continued, ?It?s clear to me now, as it was then, that there?s a growing appetite for content that serves the more diverse world we live in. During my career as an agent, it has been an honor to help build the careers of and represent some of the most compelling artists of our time. Launching MACRO fulfills the vision I had all those years ago, and at a time when our industry needs it the most. I am humbled by all of the support I?ve received industry-wide from my WME (Walter Morris Endeavor) family, clients and friends.?

A partner at WME, a talent agency formed from a merger between the William Morris Agency and the Endeavor Agency, King has nurtured and represented a long list of artists that WME will continue to support.