Celebrity Apprentice Alum Urges “Get Out and Vote” Message at DNC Event

DNCActress Vivica Fox knows a thing or two about Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and the Trump clan—she worked with them on the once popular and now defunct TV reality show, Celebrity Apprentice in 2014.

?I have tremendous respect for him as a businessman. But he’s a businessman; not a president,? Fox said in an interview with TNJ.com. The popular and stylish actress and star of hit movies such as Independence Day, Set it Off and Soul Food, was the mistress of ceremonies at a Democratic National Convention (DNC) Big Screen TV Watch Party on Tuesday evening in Philadelphia, PA?near the host site of the 2016 DNC convention. More than 350 people attended the lavish side event of the convention, that was hosted by the DogonVillage.com—a digital advocacy group that, among other things, the integration of online and offline communication fundamentals to the African American community.

The event was sponsored by the Laborer’s District Council of Metropolitan Philadelphia. The outspoken actress implored attendees and others to get out and vote and not to become complacent when it comes to being an integral part of history. ?It’s a mistake for people to think that African Americans don’t care what happens after Barack Obama leaves office,? she said. ?We were a part of history when he was elected as the first African American? president and we have a chance to be part of history in the election of the first female president.?
To that end, Celebrating the Black Vote was the theme of the event that also paid homage to civil rights movement icon, Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery. ?Our civil rights leaders made huge sacrifices to make sure every citizen got the right to vote,? said Edrea Davis, founder of DogonVillage.com and coordinator of the event. ?We are celebrating past leaders and those tenacious activists continuing to protect the right of all Americans to cast a ballot.? The DNC ends on Thursday evening, with a keynote address from Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.