CariClub Launches Community Inclusion Fund for COVID-19 Recovery

Rhoden Monrose smiling dressed in blue suit
CariClub Founder & CEO Rhoden Monrose

Growing up in Harlem in the 90s, Rhoden Monrose saw first-hand a lack of the kind of resources needed to help a community thrive. Today as CEO & founder of CariClub, “a professional network for social impact,” he’s found a way to further the goals of CariClub while providing relief and recovery to the communities hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the help of Charity Navigator, CariClub has launched the Community Inclusion Fund.

“The idea for launching CariClub and, later, creating the Community Inclusion Fund came out of my experience of growing up in a neighborhood that didn’t provide enough attention, energy and funding for education, nutrition and housing,” Monrose told in a recent interview. “We’re at the point right now in CariClub where we have a lot of corporate clients, and a lot of employees that care for various causes, many of which tie into some of the work that non-profits are doing in low-income communities across America. These non-profits are really struggling right now to provide a service at a time that’s so desperately needed in those communities. So, I saw an opportunity to bring those two things together in a very meaningful high impact way, especially when you consider the fact that these communities are where many of the essentials workers live. It’s the least we can do right now in light of the fact that without the essential workers who live in these communities, we would have a very difficult time with the pandemic.” 

Launched five years ago, CariClub makes it easy for busy professionals in the corporate world to identify a non-profit that connects with their passions. Its board-matching technology helps professionals discover these organizations and get on the boards. “There are hundreds of non-profits that engage young professionals; the only challenge is finding them,” Monrose says.

Through the Fund, Monrose, who previously worked in finance at Citigroup, hopes to raise $100,000,000 a year for the next five years. “Part of that will come from people who sign on to this campaign, and they will do multi-year commitments. The organizations they deal with touch on every area one can think of from arts & culture to sports-based to education to health. For this particular campaign, we want to keep the focus on organizations that are targeting very specific cause areas: education, nutrition, employment, healthcare and housing,” he reveals.   

CariClub has partnered with Charity Navigator, the world’s largest and most trusted evaluator of nonprofits, to ensure the funds donated will be given to organizations that are financially healthy, accountable, and transparent. Charity Navigator will assess the financial efficiency and capacity, governance practices, and risk profile for each nonprofit organization nominated by the Community Inclusion Fund’s associate board. 

“They have a database of all 2 million non-profits that exist in America,” Monrose notes. “Partnering with them will help us cast a much wider net to make sure we get any non-profit in America that is aligned with the mission of the Fund.”