The “Career Passion” Myth (and How It is Harming You)

The Truth About Career Passions The career passion myth can quickly derail your job search and career happiness.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for finding your passion and translating that into a career. Some people never feel passionate about what they do ? their job is just a job. Others become consumed with their work, using their passion to fuel their days. Many new college grads and first-time job seekers focus more on feeding their passions than finding viable careers. The truth is that the career passion myth can quickly derail your job search and career happiness.?

?Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow??

This terrible advice is often meant to be encouraging, but the mindset it represents is actually dangerous. Being able to take care of yourself should always be more of a priority than pursuing your passion. The fear of failing to provide keeps many people in unfulfilling jobs, but the guaranteed paycheck should be more than enough to stop you from quitting.?

Succeeding in anything does require a great deal of work and risk is always part of the equation, but there are many ways to live out your passion without sacrificing a steady income. Paint in your free time, rock out with your band on the weekends, volunteer for your favorite cause after hours or use vacation time to climb Mount Everest. If you are really that passionate, you can find time outside of work to pursue your interests.?

?Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day In Your Life??

Even if you do follow your passions, work will, at some point, feel like work. Even people who love what they do grumble about the Monday commute or have trouble with difficult clients. Instead of forming a romantic idea about what living your passions would feel like, stay realistic and remember that some aspects of every job feel less exciting than others.?

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