Passion Fuels Profits for Teenage Entrepreneur

Maya PennAs a pre-teen, Maya Penn has found what most adults only dream of: a profitable passion. Experts have long said that people find happiness when they get paid for doing the things they love. Penn loves making environmentally-friendly clothing and accessories; she also gets paid for it.

Canton has dazzled the world with her unique designs for clothing and accessories. She has sold her goods around the world and has captured the attention of Forbes Magazine as a grade-school entrepreneur. She owns a company called Maya?s Ideas. Headbands comprise her most popular products. She buys her materials locally and then accents them with appliqu?s, black lace and ribbons.

As an eleven-year-old businesswoman, Penn started dreaming early ? when she was eight. She says she would busy herself about the house making things out of fabric swatches and set out to convert them into attractive clothing. At that early age, she thought that she could one day open a store. She now operates a profitable global clothing venture that could lead to her life-long ambition: doing what she now does.

Penn has her own studio in Canton where she designs her products. She has taken on animation as her hobby and hopes to carry on with that as she grows older. As a fashion designer and animator, Penn operates a blog where she talks about her experiences in fashion and animation with people around the world.

At a young age, Penn has decided that her business should share its success with others who need help. She gives one-tenth of her profits to area charities, setting an excellent example for her grown-up counterparts who may not give anything at all to others.

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