Can states solve the immigration crisis?

Photo-Illustration: T.Baker/CNNMoney; ShutterstockForeign entrepreneurs, take note: “There is a welcome mat out in Massachusetts.”

That’s the message Greg Bialecki hopes will be conveyed through the launch of the Global Entrepreneur in Residence program this fall.

Bialecki, the Massachusetts secretary of housing and economic development, helped implement the three-year pilot program. It’s designed to keep talented entrepreneurs, their innovative ideas, and the jobs they’re bound to create in the country — and in the state — post-degree.

The H-1B is the most popular visa for highly-skilled foreigners and has an annual quota of 85,000. But those who are sponsored by a nonprofit research institution are exempt from this cap.

By partnering with universities, the GEIR program can use that provision to help foreign entrepreneurs with viable startups stay in the U.S.

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