Can Baseball Win Back the African American Community?

BaseballJackie Robinson Park is a relatively idyllic
multipurpose green space in the middle of Washington Heights, a
working-class neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago.

There are parks everywhere in Chicago, a product of the post-World
War II initiative of the Parks District to green up the city.?And
although JRP is more well manicured than its neighboring parks and
houses newer facilities, what sets it apart?especially in these summer
months?are the hordes of black kids playing baseball there.

JRP is home to Jackie Robinson West Little League, a program Joseph
Haley started in 1971 when his son, Bill, now the program?s director,
asked to join a team after watching the Little League World Series.?

It is now a South Chicago institution, and this week it begins
play in the Little League World Series as the Illinois state champion,
after coming just one win short of a trip last year. The team will stand
out for obvious reasons.

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