On the Call: Yahoo interim CEO Tim Morse

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ? Yahoo Inc. has been in limbo since the struggling Internet company fired Carol Bartz last month. The board of directors is evaluating whether it makes more sense to sell the company than to hire a permanent replacement for Bartz. The review apparently could drag on for a while, based on interim CEO Tim Morse’s response to question asked Tuesday during Yahoo’s third-quarter earnings call.

QUESTION: Can you give a sense when the board is going to communicate some of its decisions about the future of the company? Obviously, there are a lot of things up in the air. We understand it’s very complex, but I think a lot of folks might be interested by what time we expect a lot of these things to be somewhat resolved. Is it by the end of the year?

ANSWER: I will just reiterate what I said in my prepared remarks. This will take some time. The board wants to do what’s best for the company. And that doesn’t imply that they have put a specific timeline on this. The board’s process will be what it will be and the timing will be what it will be.