On the Call: Intel CFO Stacy Smith

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ? On Tuesday’s conference call with analysts following Intel Corp.’s third-quarter earnings report, the company’s chief financial officer, Stacy Smith, addressed questions about whether recent manufacturing problems at rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. allowed Intel to take away any meaningful amount of business from the company.

AMD has lowered its third-quarter outlook because of the problems in making an important new chip. AMD has 20 percent of the global market for PC microprocessors. Intel has essentially the rest. AMD is scheduled to report its results Oct. 27.

QUESTION: Most semiconductor companies are cutting their forecasts and your Q3 is pretty close to seasonal, if not better. What do you think is going on? Are you gaining share from AMD?

ANSWER (Smith): I think it a continuation of the trends we’ve been talking about. The emerging-market demand was strong across the board. The enterprise segment was strong, and that offset slower sales in the mature-market consumer segment. To your question on share gain with AMD, you know, we’ll wait and see their results. Our sense is we may have picked up a little bit of revenue share at the end of the quarter.