Business Success By Stealing From The Weak

stealingUber stays cheap by helping Uber riders relentlessly screw Uber drivers. That?s what Emily Guendelsberger learned when she tried to find out how much money you could actually earn as an UberX driver in Philly. Turns out you can easily make the much-touted $90k by driving 27 hours a day, 365 days a year, so good luck! Manicures in NYC stay cheap by relentlessly screwing desperately poor, often undocumented manicurists. That?s what Sarah Maslin Nir found in her impeccably reported NYT story on the booming manicure business, which is shocking even if you already sort of knew $10 was not a remotely plausible price for a manicure in New York. (Nir also did a good commentary track with VICE, if you?re a journalism nerd.) These are pure examples of what capitalism literally is: the extraction of maximum labor for minimum price from the weakest party in a transaction. If you object to the business practices in these stories, congratulations! You are anti-capitalist. Please spend and vote accordingly.

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