Business Cards Still Matter

biz cardsDoes your organization keep its employees stocked with business cards? Or have LinkedIn and other social media stepped in to take their place?

Here?s why you should keep the cards in circulation or go back to them if you have stopped:

? Business cards are an ultra-low-cost way of promoting your company?s brand. Think of all your employees who attend seminars, meet clients, chat with customers and negotiate with vendors. Your logo and your brand are passed along to those who are near and dear to your bottom line.

? Business cards validate an employee?s place on your team. A box of 500 business cards is a nice ?welcome aboard? perk for a new employee, especially millennials. Those crisply minted cards with his or her name and job title near your logo still holds up as a great morale booster for the price.

? A nicely crafted business card with the employee?s picture on it is infinitely more personal than any form of e-swapping. The contact information on a card stands out in the overcrowded digital world. It?s something that could give your company the edge.

(Source: TCA)