Bumpy Knuckles and KRS-One Present: Royalty Check

    Bumpy Knuckles and KRS-One Present: Royalty Check

    Two of hip-hop's legendary radicals come together for a collaborative album, available May 31, 2011

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    NEW YORK, May 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — 682 Records — Bumpy Knuckles (aka Freddie Foxxx) and KRS-One announce that their anticipated project, Royalty Check will be in stores and available at digital retailers Tuesday, May 31, 2011. ?Royalty Check, distributed by Canada-based 682 Records, combines classic hip-hop sound with rock elements through the use of live instruments and edgy drum patterns.

    Royalty Check is the perfect blend of all the qualities fans love and expect from these prolific MCs. ?With contrasting styles, the socially conscious duo addresses a range of similar issues, each using a very different approach. Bumpy Knuckles' more 'in your face' philosophy is balanced out by KRS-One's signature 'stop the violence' mantra.

    The album's first single, Street Poison (Stressed Out), has already been well received. ?The song materializes feelings that most listeners can relate to given the current climate of society. ?And this is true of the entire project. ?Produced entirely by Bumpy Knuckles (with the exception of Stand Up, produced by Minneapolis-native King Karnov), Royalty Check is exactly what devoted hip-hop fans are looking for. ?Gritty tracks like, HipHop We Love You and Take Ya Time, give way to smooth grooves in Just You and tribute piece, Fight For Love. ?Royalty Check is a hip-hop lovers' dream, catering to those that love lyrics and the boom-bap sound. ?"My style has always been centered around how everyone one in my circle can get a fair shake," said Bumpy Knuckles. ?"So that's what I started writing about ? how we can we all get a piece of the pie." ?

    The project was born out of a chance opportunity for Bumpy Knuckles and KRS-One to work face to face in the studio again. ?In the technology age, where artists primarily collaborate via digital channels, it's not often that two MCs of this caliber have a chance to work closely together and feed off of each others creative energy. ?"Rarely do artists get in the studio together to do albums anymore," said Bumpy Knuckles of working on the project with KRS-One. ?"And the music can't be wrong if KRS [-One] is picking the songs he wants to rhyme to." ?

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