Build Your Following with an Instagram Giveaway

InstagramHere are some things you need to consider to get great results from hosting an Instagram loop giveaway.

When done right, hosting an Instagram loop giveaway can help you gain new followers, expose your brand to a wider audience and establish a rapport with like-minded business owners ? all without breaking the bank. Sounds interesting? It definitely is so if you want to host in a loop giveaway and get great results in the process, here are some things you may need to consider.

Hosting a Loop Giveaway: Tips for Success

  • Define your goal. Before hosting a loop giveaway, you need to identify what you need to accomplish. Do you simply want to gain new followers or do you want to gain followers that will stick around, follow your blog and buy your products?
  • Be selective. Invite businesses that offer similar items and have the same aesthetics as you. This will help ensure that their followers will like you and that your followers will like them as well. Make sure you only invite legitimate businesses and stay away from those that have a bad or questionable reputation.?
  • Keep the numbers low. A loop giveaway with a lot of participants can be a major turn off. This will leave your followers feeling annoyed and distracted at the end of the loop (if they even get that far!).
  • Make it easy for your followers. Aside from keeping the number of participants low, you should also make it easy for your followers to complete the loop. Keep the instructions simple and don?t ask them to complete tasks that would take too much of their time.
  • Promote the event. Broadcast your giveaway on all social media platforms and ask all the participants to do the same. This will provide maximum exposure for your event and increase your chances of gaining more followers.

Hosting or participating in an Instagram loop giveaway can help you gain a lot of followers but expect that you will lose a lot of them when the event ends. Don?t worry about it. This is perfectly normal since a lot of people are merely looking to win the prize and are not looking for new people to follow (unless they really like what you have to offer).