Budget-Friendly Home Makeover Ideas

home makeover ideas, home makeover, budget home makeoverYou don’t have to break the bank? to spruce up your home

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to transform your home. Try these budget-friendly fixes for an instant and inexpensive update.?

Shop Vintage?
Head to antique or vintage stores to pick up unique pieces of d?cor and gently used accent furniture. Bargain-hunt for items like framed paintings, old-fashioned lamps or upholstered chairs to add personality and character to any room.?
Update Furniture as a DIY Project?
You don’t have to replace all your furniture to give your room a new look. Instead of buying new pieces, freshen up your furnishings without making a heavy cash investment. Throw a funky patterned slip cover over the sofa, coat your desks and tables with a fresh coat of paint and top your bar seats with new cushions. These changes can totally alter the look of your room without much effort or money.?
Paint Accent Walls?
Repainting every wall in a room can be expensive, so focus on creating a pop of color on just one wall. A single accent wall makes spaces look bigger and really freshens up a room.?
Enhance the Lighting?
Lighting can completely change the look of a room. Add dimension with strategically-placed lamps and enhance the living space with different types of light bulbs. Use light dimmers to change the mood and ambience in a certain area.?
Change Your Window Treatments?
Buying or making new drapery panels can bring pattern, color and softness to a room. Give the illusion of taller windows by hanging drapes at least four inches from the window’s top.?
Repurpose Old Items?
This affordable and green design practice can transform any space. Use old crates as serving trays, add wheels to a painted basket to create a moveable end table, transform a solid old door into a headboard or use shutters as a wall organizer. The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination!?
How have you transformed rooms without spending loads of cash? Tell us your best tips in the comments below!