Bruce George Says Genius is Common–And He Wants You to Believe It Too!

Bruce GeorgeBruce George lives under the belief that genius is everywhere–that everyone has the potential to be genius. Thus, he has launched Genius is Common movement to encourage people to follow their passion and be empowered by their own personal genius.

George is an old hand at starting such empowering ventures. The Peabody Award winner, visionary, executive producer, writer, poet, social activist, author, and entrepreneur is co-founder of Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam on HBO.

Born and bred in New York City, George conducts creative writing/performance poetry workshops for colleges and universities/organizations nationally and internationally, and he?s also an executive consultant for multiple organizations.

Here, George explains to the concept behind ?Genius is Common? and how it can help anyone in business and life. What prompted you to launch ?Genius is Common?”

Bruce George: A major impetus for the Genius is Common movement is the fact that the word ?genius? is illegitimate, if it?s not inclusive of all people. The word ?genius? is an elitist word that in its status quo definition, only applies to master mathematicians, scientists, etc.? The Genius is Common movement, metaphorically speaking, is about tearing down the Berlin Wall of the word ?genius.? We believe that we all have a genius seed in us. If you were to take a young lady from a housing project who micro braids hair, like Picasso painted, that?s her genius. We are all geniuses. How does it work?

BG: The movement’s objective is to bring the word ?genius? into a state of legitimacy, by making it inclusive to all people. We are entering institutions of lower and higher learning, and debating the word genius, as well as conducting workshops to enable the students to discover, and embrace their individual genius via their God given gifts and talents. What are your goals for the movement?

BG: A major goal of the movement is to bring the word ?genius? into a state of legitimacy. It?s about getting our youth around the world to embrace the inner genius in themselves. What have been some challenges in getting it off the ground and building it?

BG: Like with any new venture, you will always have your doubters, for the simple fact that people don?t like to move on a project until it becomes self-evident. Most people want to see movement before they decide to support anything. With the ?Genius is Common” movement, I didn?t have many challenges due to the fact that it was birthed around the Zeitgeist of people embracing their consciousness. What are your goals for 2016?

BG: Our goal for the movement for the remainder of 2016 is to have a greater reach nationally and internationally. Currently, we are in 24 states and four countries. On Twitter, Facebook and YouTube the hashtag #Geniusiscommon and the words ?Genius is Common? are trending.? Any longterm goals?
BG: A long term goal is to be in all 50 states in the United States, and to be in every country around the globe. What has been the biggest surprise in starting the organization?
BG: A major surprise is the fact that people are embracing the movement at an alarming rate. People get it right away, and are moving on it. You have created various companies and organizations. How do you know when you have an idea worth pursuing?
BG: That?s a great question. As a visionary, I have been blessed to have a keen sense of when to move forward on projects. I pay attention to what?s missing, and I fill in the gaps. Are you still performing?

BG: I usually perform at events that I?m booked at to show my skill set, at my creative writing and performance poetry workshops. What do you like the most about what you do?

BG:? I like the fact that my work is my ministry. Please visit the ?Genius is Common? website to see what our movement is about.