Brooklyn Small Business Tech Exchange Provides Tech Solutions for Small Business Owners

SBS Tech ExchangeThis week, the Local Development Corporation of East New York (LDCENY) and the New York City Department of Small Business Services (SBS) held an informative technology event designed to help small businesses thrive and survive in today?s digital driven environment.? With competition fierce, covering all bases for optimal success is key.

?SBS is committed to connecting New York City small business owners with the resources they need to thrive, including digital technologies that streamline business operations and improve access to customers,? newly promoted SBS Commissioner Gregg Bishop told ?Hosting Small Business Technology Exchange events in all five boroughs is one way we are helping small businesses in communities across New York City harness digital tools to succeed in the 21st century.?

The Department of Small Business Services (SBS) Small Business Technology Exchange events are hosted by the NYC Small Business Technology Coalition ? a public-private partnership between the NYC Department of Small Business Services, Citi Community Development, and select community development organizations. The mission of the Coalition is to increase small business? knowledge and access to technology tools and resources. Since launching in 2013 the NYC Small Business Technology Coalition has helped over 2,500 entrepreneurs and small businesses incorporate technology into their business operations.

Santos Morales, Interim Director of the Brooklyn Enterprise Center at LDCENY, told that through the NYC?Technology Coalition, the LDCENY has assisted hundreds of small businesses to access the tools needed to stay on top of their game and to be able to compete in today’s technological environment. “The Brooklyn Small Business Tech Exchange?event is another way for LDCENY to bridge much needed?services for small businesses and entrepreneurs by bringing together experts in social media and technology,” says Morales.?

Michael Tonge, keynote speaker and host of the event?s Strategic Tech Panel, agreed.

?NYCSBS and LDCENY did a great job at getting people from all different small business backgrounds in the room. As a host for a panel, it makes it a bit difficult but at the same time it provides a nice perspective for everyone. There were folks in the room who started hair care companies and have small retail companies, but there were also folks in the room who founded technology services companies speaking about cyber security and apps to start your small business. So while it was an intimate audience, there was a wide set of perspectives in the room. But I do think that Frank Bradshaw (Hoiketech), Marcia Brown (The Startup App) and Cindy Nicklin (Mind My Business) were able to share valuable insight as to how people can leverage their programs to help start or run their small businesses,? Tonge said in an interview with

The Tech panelists mentioned above shared their tips on everything from the best apps for small businesses to frustrations that entrepreneurs experience in keeping their business running. Tonge, who manages strategic partnerships for a global advertising network here in NYC and is the co-founder of The Culture LP, shared his tech takeaways after the panel wrapped up:

  • ?Don?t underestimate the importance of cyber security. While the companies that are making headlines for security breaches are the big corporations, there are threats at the individual levels.”
  • “Also, ask the question and realize you?re not alone. Marcia stated that when she started her app, she realized that so many people have the same issues that she was dealing with. So recognize that you?re not alone in the small business struggle.”
  • “And just because the resources are there doesn’t mean it?s the best way to consume them. With the Mind My Business App, the information is there for everybody but the problem is that it?s not digestible. It?s not in a format that is really convenient. So, it?s important to think about what you can use to consume the information that?s out there versus finding new information all the time.??????