Brighten Boring Webinars: Add Game Shows to the Q&A

I’ve attended and/or participated in many webinars – as I’m sure you have as well. Most, compared to an exciting, live and face to face event are quite boring.The speaker speaks, some questions are asked, a poll might even be given, the speaker continues, there’s time for audience question and answers, and the webinar is over.

If you like to do things “out of the box” and make a splash and a bang AND you do webinars you’ve got to take a look at LearningWare’s web site. LearningWare sells software for the creation of customized game shows for classrooms and other uses, showcases its new services to liven up webinars with a game show experience.

We all love to learn, but we also love to have fun (or be entertained) while we learn. It’s exciting.

Furthermore, we retain information better when the education (be it a sales pitch, product demonstration or staff meeting) challenges us to respond to what we’ve learned.LearningWare also has software, QuizPoint, which lets you create online quizzes and games to test content retention, review material and engage every learner.

You can create, post and host a complete suite of quizzes and games. You can then invite users to play your online game! All the time, companies need to innovate and be a step ahead of the competition. With tools like this, your webinars and educational or sales presentations will definitely be different and beyond your competition.

I hate to sound like a cliche, but especially in this recession, it’s even more important to INVEST in technology that can directly affect your bottom line. Boosting sales in a webinar or increasing employee attentiveness in a weekly webinar will definitely boost the “bottom line”.

Ramon Ray is the editor and tech evangelist for