Brenda Ross-Dulan

Brenda Ross-Dulan
Executive Vice President
and Region President
Wells Fargo and Company, N.A.
Princeton, N.J.

Brenda Ross-Dulan oversees 150 retail banking stores as executive vice president and regional president of Wells Fargo?s Southern New Jersey region, a role that affords her many opportunities to make a difference in people?s lives ? one of her true passions. ?So much of how people feel about themselves, for better or worse, is tied to how they perform at work and their trust in their ability to really be successful,? says Ross-Dulan, who strives to leave people better off than they were before she met them. ?It also has to do with whether I, as a leader, have provided them with the foundation and skills that enables them to be successful.?

Ross-Dulan describes herself as one who takes a glass-is-half-full approach to life and one who is fully aware of the power of gratitude. ?[Gratitude] makes me look at the things I?m working with versus all the stuff that I don?t have,? she says of the value her mother instilled in her. ?It makes me have a sense of responsibility for the job that I?ve been given.?

Exercising, eating well and attending church minimize the stress of Ross-Dulan?s professional life. She has been at Wells Fargo since 1990, when it acquired her previous employer, First Interstate Bancorp. She has since worked in corporate banking, commercial real estate, and community development among other areas. A mother of two, she holds a bachelor?s degree from Howard University and an M.B.A. from University of California, Los Angeles. She would like to have wider geographic scope and operate at a higher strategic level, thus enabling her to have greater influence within Wells Fargo. An avid basketball fan, she wouldn?t mind owning a professional team. ?I love the pace and competition of the game, and the emotion, inspiration and discipline needed to bring one?s self from behind,? she says.