Breaking Into Podcasting

podcasting, businessPodcasting is a great way to share your interests while boosting your business

The ultimate democratization of radio, podcasting allows anyone with an Internet connection and some basic equipment to produce a podcast and share it online. Some people podcast to express their passions or knowledge, but others launch a podcast to advertise their business or connect with their industry. No matter why you want to start a podcast, these tips will help you get started and succeed.?

Gaining an Audience?
All podcasters want more listeners, and the best way to gain a larger audience is to list your podcast feed at aggregate sites called podcast networks. These sites offer directories of podcasts, including a link to the RSS for subscribers. List your podcast on as many networks as you can to make it easy for people to find you. Take your business to the next level by adding your podcast to industry lists.?
Profiting from Your Podcast?
Earning a profit from a podcast is difficult, but it is not impossible. One option is to charge subscribers for each episode, but your content has to be compelling enough to stand out against the free competition for this tactic to work.?
Selling advertising is another option, but listeners can simply fast forward through the ads when listening through an MP3 player or computer. Instead of playing advertisements, work them into your segments and get sponsorship for your podcasts.?
Basic Podcasting Equipment?
Podcasters can spend as little or as much as they want on gear, and the largest difference in quality is flexibility when it comes to editing and sound quality.?
Many computers come with a small plastic microphone, but for better sound quality, invest in a durable, dynamic microphone. For interviews with two or more people, use an omnidirectional mic.?
Mixers with about four inputs will be adequate for most podcasters. Some send data to computers using Firewire or USB, and many have programs that make it easy to record away from home. Some even have built-in recorders.?
If you only use one microphone, you may record your podcast directly into your computer’s sound card. A more expensive sound card will produce a higher-quality sound and eliminate extra signal noise without distorting sounds at high signal levels.?
Finally, good audio software lets you record the podcast at proper recording levels and save it in a variety of useful audio formats. There are many programs for editing podcasts, resulting in a professional and smooth final product.?
Do you host a successful podcast? What tips do you have for beginners trying to break into podcasting? Share your best advice in the comments section below!