Bozoma Saint John Named Chief Brand Officer for Uber

(Bozoma Saint John.)

Brand queen Bozoma Saint John has taken over the reins as chief brand officer at ride sharing company Uber. Prior to joining Uber, Saint John famously managed top brands Apple, Beats and Pepsi. At Apple, she served as head of global consumer marketing at Beats Music.

Since Uber has come under fire lately for lawsuits and allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace, some have questioned whether the company can turn itself around.

Saint John thinks it can.

?It is so innovative and has such a bright future in terms of disrupting what has been a very old and antiquated system of transportation. It’s also about the thousands of people who work so tirelessly every day for the company. They?ve been working hard for a number of years to bring a product to life. Why shouldn?t we save it?? she said of the brand in an interview with The New York Times Magazine.

A graduate of Wesleyan University, Saint John began her career with a position at Spike Lee?s advertising agency. Later, she secured that noteworthy $50 million deal that Beyonce struck with Pepsi in 2013.