Boost Your Career by Getting a Professional Certification

Boost Your Marketability by Getting a Professional Certification

Great job opportunities are extremely hard to come by. You will need more than just your great personality and impressive professional experience if you want to land a job or advance your career in this economy. As a result, many professionals are entertaining the idea of getting a master’s degree to increase their chances of achieving their career goals.

However, for those who cannot afford it, obtaining a professional certification in their industry is the most logical way to go. Why? Having a professional certification does more than prove a person’s dedication to his craft ? it can also serve as the key that will open the door for further career advancement.

What Can a Professional Certification Do for You?

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from being certified. On a personal basis, having a professional certification in a certain industry can:

  • Increase your chances of getting employed. According to a study conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC), a market research, analysis and advisory firm specializing in information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology, certified people are more employable since 63% of hiring managers believe that they are more productive and have more credibility as compared to their non-certified counterparts.
  • Enhance your earning potential. According to a survey conducted by IDC, 43% of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) immediately received a pay raise after they received their certifications.
  • Makes you a part of an exclusive professional network. Some certifications give you exclusive access to a network of like-minded professionals.

Why Do Organizations Prefer People with Professional Certifications?
Organizations prefer hiring people with professional certifications due to a number of reasons, which may include the following:

  • Certified professionals have higher levels of skills and expertise.
  • They maintain a high quality of work and are equipped with the skills needed to cope with issues when they arise.
  • They deliver greater customer satisfaction.
  • Hiring certified professionals leads to lower staff turnover.

Professional Certifications in High Demand

  • Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC). This certification is specially designed for IT professionals and project managers who are responsible for identifying and managing risks through appropriate Information Systems (IS) controls.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) credentials. A project management certification gives project managers the education, experience, and competency they need to successfully lead and direct projects to completion.
  • Foreign language certification. Knowing more than one language can be extremely beneficial, especially for those who are in customer service.
  • Web design and development. Keep in mind that there are a lot of businesses that have or require an online presence, so there will never be a shortage of people who will need such expertise.
  • Professional fitness training. This field is currently experiencing tremendous job growth. While it is true that everyone who possesses the basic knowledge can be a fitness trainer, having a certification in this field can set you apart from the rest.