Boost Home Appeal For Less Than $400

HOMERevamping your home can cost a lot of money, but it doesn?t have to. These tips and tricks all fall around the $400 mark, which makes them affordable on even the strictest budgets. Whether you?re selling your home or just going for a new look, here are some simple touches that make all the difference.

1. Update a shower screen. Many of us have a combined bath and shower, but that doesn?t mean we need to put up with awkward shower curtains to control splashing. Reinforced glass screens are a great way to make a room feel bigger and give a bathroom a more custom feel.

Be sure to have it fixed to something solid and sturdy, because the glass is heavy and may occasionally be used for support. Shower screens are easy to fit yourself if you?re confident with a little DIY.

2. Throw down a rug. Replacing an entire carpet can be an expensive business, but if your existing one is in reasonable condition, you might be able to jazz it up a little with a small addition. Rugs can give a floor, and indeed a room, a new lease on life ? particularly if you go for a statement design.

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