Bluetooth Speakers Look Good, Sound Even Better

SpeakersListening to music is a very personal experience.

From the music genre to the listening method, there are an infinite number of choices.

Add in the different tastes in everyone?s favorite artists and individual level of hearing, and it?s easy to say what sounds good to me may not sound good to you at all.

This makes reviewing speakers a difficult proposition.

The choice of how we enjoy music can also change with where we are when we listen.

In the car, most of us stick with the included sound system, but if we are listening through headphones or speakers, there?s more room for choice.

If there?s one thing I?ve learned about music as a gadget reviewer, it?s there are always more speakers to try.

The KurbisBT from German audio manufacturer Thonet & Vander is a set of bookshelf speakers designed to be used with almost any music source you have.

The Thonet & Vander website says the KurbisBT is ?the reflection of the search for purity in all aspects of life.?

That?s a pretty lofty goal for a set of speakers.

The KurbisBT speakers are made of wood and have removable mesh covers that pop off to expose a 5.25-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter in each box.

The woofer is made of aramid fiber, which according to Thonet & Vander, ?is a synthetic, firm and light fiber. It is an organic material of high performance due to its outstanding thermal and mechanical resistance. It is characterized by being resistant to shocks, light and moisture.?

The tweeter is made of silk, which the maker describes as ?one of the strongest natural fibers. Unlike synthetic fibers, it has a soft, smooth and stress-resistant texture. Its firmness and sensitivity allow high performance, yield and quality in the reproduction of treble.?

The KurbisBT speakers have a power output of 60 watts RMS, 30 watts for each speaker.

Music can be played wirelessly, via Bluetooth from up to 30 feet away. When you power on the speakers, they enter pairing mode for a few minutes. I was able to pair them quickly with my iPhone, and they had no problem re-establishing the connection each time the speakers were turned on.

There?s also a 3.5 millimeter input and a pair of RCA jacks to connect virtually any other source of music. There is a 3.5 mm to RCA cable included with the KurbisBTs.

The Bluetooth receiver, power supply and sound controls are built into one of the speakers.

The second speaker is connected to the main speaker with a simple speaker wire. A 6-foot wire is included, which is enough for most bookshelf installations, but you can certainly use a longer wire if you like.

The dials on the main speaker control volume, treble and bass, and there is a power switch on the back.

The treble and bass dials are a nice touch, as sometimes the music source doesn?t have equalizer settings and the sound occasionally needs a bit of adjustment.

The KurbisBT is an affordable set of speakers that can play the full range from your music sources, provides quality sound, looks nice and doesn?t take up a lot of room on your shelves.

Pros: Great sound, Bluetooth
Cons: None
Bottom line: Solid bookshelf speaker system for any music sourc

(Source: TNS)