Blogger Romenesko resigns from Poynter Institute

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) ? Popular media blogger Jim Romenesko has resigned from the Poynter Institute after being accused of improperly attributing quotes.

The journalism school’s director Julie Moos on Thursday wrote on Poynter’s website that Romenesko always displayed his information sources prominently. However, she said too many blogs included the author’s verbatim language without being enclosed in quotes.

Later, Moos announced that she had accepted his resignation. Romenesko confirmed that in a tweet.

The blogger had been with the school that teaches ethics and best practices for journalists for 12 years.

Moos says in seven weeks, he was set to become part-time and start his own blog. A call to her wasn’t immediately returned.

Moos said his abrupt departure “should not overshadow his unmatched contributions.”

Romenesko’s commentary and inside information about the industry was popular among media members.