Blavity Co-Owner Morgan DeBaun Launches the WorkSmart Program

A new entrepreneur mentorship program, the WorkSmart Program, is underway from Blavity co-owner Morgan DeBaun who was in the news last year when Blavity raised $6.5 million to expand its operations. 

According to DeBaun, “This program works best for self-employed entrepreneurs who have already launched their companies and are currently making thousands in revenue, but are looking for a way to take things to the next level.”

She continues, “On the other hand, the WorkSmart Program is NOT for people who are just launching their business, trying to raise venture funding, or aren’t working full time on their company. There are a variety of programs and accelerators for those of you focused on getting your startup up and running. I recommend checking out Founder Gym, Y Combinator and Afro Tech.”

A 9-week, private, advising course, WorkSmart is designed to achieve the following:

  • Clarify and set business goals that are both aggressive and achievable
  • Create step-by-step roadmaps for making goals manageable and easy to achieve
  • Learn the framework every entrepreneur needs to know in order to hone in on the exact goals that will quickly streamline and grow your business at scale
  • Restructure your mindset so you’re constantly reframing business decisions into opportunities for growth and success
  • Optimize your productivity — maximize your time and effort on the important stuff, and delegate or get rid of the rest (plus, my foolproof system for figuring which things are actually worthy of your time)
  • Fine-tune your business instincts so your decision-making is smarter, faster, and more consistent
  • Create a plan to double your revenue that’s scalable and repeatable

“I designed WorkSmart to be a serious advisory program that gets results for entrepreneurs serious about building revenue and profitable companies,” she shares. “If you have a desire to scale your business and learn how to establish both personal and business discipline in your life, WorkSmart was designed for you.”

The program is no longer accepting applications for the inaugural class, but interested potential applicants can head to the WorkSmart website to be added to the waitlist and receive the WorkSmart Entrepreneurs Newsletter.