Blackberry Z10: The New Smartphone for Business Users?

Can the BlackBerry Z10 be the ideal smartphone for business users?

Finally, there is a new BlackBerry in town! After few years of total silence, BlackBerry has finally come up with the new BlackBerry Z10, a smartphone specifically designed for business users. So, why should you choose the Z10 over its competition? Here are some exciting new features that make this smartphone a good choice for most business applications.
Reasons Why the BlackBerry Z10 is Ideal for Business Users
You can put a distinct line between your business and your personal life. The Z10 features the BlackBerry Hub, an application that functions as an improved inbox. The Hub consolidates all your messages, alert phone calls, notifications, calendar events and feeds across multiple platforms and accounts in one central location.
However, things can get pretty chaotic if you allow everything to show up in your Hub. Thankfully, there is something you can do about it. You can keep your personal emails and social media activities separate from your business or work emails by simply managing your accounts and setting your preferences accordingly.
It allows for remote management. The phone also features BlackBerry Balance, an app that separates your business apps from your personal apps. This app also allows for remote management so your IT manager can easily wipe out any company data when deemed necessary.
It considers your security as a top priority. With the Z10, all messages, photos, apps and content remain private. In addition, your business email can never be copied to your personal email. With Blackberry Protect, you can keep your data secure from others if your phone is lost or stolen.
Other Features to Consider
Aside from being a suitable business phone, the Z10 has many features that you may appreciate. Consider these:
  • The Z10 is well constructed. The phone has a compact design and is made from quality materials. It also features a crystal clear display and has a light, tactile feel.
  • It features a powerful browser. With the Z10, online browsing can be such a breeze.
  • The touchscreen keyboard provides for great accuracy. Unlike some other smartphones, the Z10 has a very responsive and adequately spaced touchscreen keyboard so you can type faster.
  • It has a longer talk and standby time. You can easily get 10 hours of 3G talk time and 305 hours of standby time with your Z10. Compare it with the iPhone 5 which can only provide 8 hours of talk time and 225 hours of standby time and you can clearly see the difference.
Some Notable Flaws
While solid BlackBerry fans will surely love the new Z10, it is definitely far from being perfect. For one, you cannot personalize the phone to your liking due to the limited availability of apps. Its speech tech also seems to be well behind Google Now (for Android devices) and Apple?sSiri.

Taking all these things into consideration, some people may love the BlackBerry Z10 while some may simply hate it. It’s all a matter of choice.