Black History Month: Three Apps that Bring History to Life

Black History MonthAt one point in time, Black History Month was dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of African Americans over the year. While this remains an important element of Black History Month, the event has become little more than a month-long lesson play for K-12 social studies teachers.

Despite the disheartening lack of appreciation currently displayed during an important part of the year, it’s still far too early to proclaim Black History Month as dead and gone. Modern technology is breathing new life into the event. In turn, students, teachers and parents are beginning to look at African American history as an interesting and vital topic. Even adults long out of the education system are growing more enthusiastic about black history.

So, what exactly is the technology behind this black history revival? For 2012, the biggest player is the tablet computer. The newest black history apps allow users to actively participate in learning about African American history. They provide everything from daily tidbits to powerful virtual reality experiences. The following is just a small sample of the black history apps currently available:


Designed by Sabertooth Inc, the BlackHistory app focuses on bring users the stories behind the big names. The app explores the history of some of the most influential African Americans, including a detailed background on what these historical figures were up to before they became famous.

Black History Facts

If you think of yourself as a complete expert on black history, you just might be in for a surprise. The Black History Facts app highlights just how ignorant today’s Americans are by presenting over 500 little-known tidbits. The app’s trivia is not limited to the United States. It spans several continents and thousands of years. If you’re hoping to develop a well-rounded understanding of black history, you’ll appreciate the factoids included on this app.

Black Inventors MatchGame

Geared at a younger audience, this Android app serves as an excellent study tool for kids who have tired of the usual Rosa Parks narrative and are wishing to learn something new. The app takes a traditional memory card matching game and turns it into an entertaining learning experience. To win the game, players must successfully match the names and faces of African American inventors to their patented inventions. If interested, kids can take a closer look at the history behind these fascinating inventors.

Mobile Black History Project

Possibly the most revolutionary development in the last decade of Black History Month, the Mobile Black History Project aims to take history out of the textbook and bring it to life. The app takes advantage of augmented reality technology, purposefully blurring the line between the tangible and the virtual. This confusion allows the users to completely immerse themselves in alternative environments. The Mobile Black History Project currently guides users to significant landmarks in twelve North American cities. Founder Retha Hill hopes to expand to several other cities in the next few months.