Black Celebrities Who Are Also Business Owners

Will SmithMany stars are more than just pretty faces. A-listers must market themselves, network and have talent just like anyone else in the professional world. The difference is that celebrities are not just selling a brand; they are the brand. Many well-known Black entertainers realized their skills could be used in other avenues.

Influential Blacks Use Their Star Power to Become Prominent Business People

Here are some stars that are also successful business owners:??

Oprah Winfrey started with a talk show and became a prominent media mogul. Winfrey’s humble beginnings make it possible for her to empathize and communicate with anyone while her shrewd mind made her one of the first black billionaires. Her company is everywhere as Oprah runs a cable channel, radio station, website and magazine. Her popularity among average individuals makes her one of the most influential people on the planet.??

Jay-Z’s songs made him a famous performer, but his business savvy is the reason he is one of the richest artists and entrepreneurs in America. He founded the Rocawear clothing line, co-owns a growing sports bar franchise and conducts many business dealings through his company, Gain Global Investments Network LLC. Jay-Z continues his career in the music world while using his company to branch out. This diverse approach continues to work for the business mogul.??

Oprah and Jay-Z garner a lot of media attention because of all their projects, but other stars follow in their examples. The Williams sisters earned notoriety for their tennis skills, but a standard of excellence is present on and off the court. Serena Williams used her prize money to create a fashion line called Aneres. This has led to projects with other companies like Puma and HairTech, but her sporty roots are still evident because the Williams sisters are part owners of the Miami Dolphins. Venus also runs her own company, V Starr Interiors. The decorating firm works with many high profile clients, and both Williams sisters have proved they have more to offer than powerful serves.

The Williams sisters balance athletics with other ventures, but many athletes try to find ways to support themselves after a professional career ends. George Foreman is one of the most prominent examples of a sports star turned businessman. He made a drastic change by becoming the face of a line of grills. The George Foreman Grill produced more profit and recognition than his boxing career.

Smart Celebrities are Always Trying to Expand their Successes

Will Smith is a singer and movie star whose home development business is unheard of by most fans. Smith and his brother sell luxury homes as owners of Treyball Development. Mekhi Phifer is another example. The actor did start a production company, but he also owns six Athlete’s Foot stores. The actors are able to run side businesses while being famous. They are not well known for their other projects but still profit from these endeavors.??

These are just a few of the Black entertainers who have used different paths, but are all business geniuses.

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