Black & Brown Founders Presents Inaugural Bootstrapping Bootcamp

Aniyia Williams, founder, Black & Brown Founders

Black & Brown Founders, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching Black and Latinx entrepreneurs how to turn their most valuable skills into a profitable tech business, now offers its very first Bootstrapping Bootcamp designed to “help you validate your idea, build your first prototype, and start making your first dollars.”

Beginning May 1st and ending June 12, the program, according to the B&B Founders’s  website, will help founders achieve the following:

  • A prototype that you can use to make sales and pitch investors
  • Our special recipe for how to launch and get your first customers
  • Access to a like-minded, super talented and well-connected community
  • The tools to launch a business by any means necessary
  • Clarity and focus on how to achieve your daily goals
  • A serious boost in your confidence ‘cause now you can walk it like you talk it
  • Brand new ways to problem-solve while making boss business choices

The course joins a growing list of other companies that are launching bootcamps to help founders of color advance to the next level. Among them are Spotify’s “Sound Up Bootcamp” and an accelerator program Google launched to help creative podcasters.

Taught by Aniyia Williams, founder of Black & Brown Founders, and Francesca Escoto, the bootcamp also offers live video lessons and recordings; Q&A and workshop sessions to apply key concepts; curated articles and content and more.

Williams spoke recently on a panel at this year’s Black Women Talk Tech conference in New York City where she spoke briefly about the meaning of alternative financing. “Finding alternative methods of financing is evaluating different forms of capital,” she told the packed crowd of founders, attendees and journalists. “Make sure your business is well taken care of.” She also touched on venture capital, explaining that venture capitalists have investors or limited partners such as pension funds, endowments and family funds.

As for the Bootstrapping Bootcamp, space is limited, but event organizers say there’s a wait list for the second cohort if this first one is booked up.