Bill Gates Testifies For Microsoft

gates testifiesBill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, testified in a $1 billion lawsuit against Microsoft on Nov. 15.?? The lawsuit was brought about by the Novell software company who owned WordPerfect at the time that the dispute occurred.? Novell?s attorneys claim that Microsoft kept them from being a part of the Windows 95 market.? For this reason WordPerfect was late to the market, which allowed Microsoft?s word processing software, Word, to be released to consumers earlier.
Gates testified in court that the claim is false and that Microsoft removed the software from computers because of a glitch that could have caused them to crash. Novell feels that the cut was made purposely as a way to combat the competition. After the loss that Novell claims cost them a billion dollars the company sold WordPerfect to the Coral Company. Gates gave the second part of his testimony on Tuesday Nov. 22.
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