The Big Cut for Sue Simmons

Sue SimmonsWNBC/Channel 4 will soon be saying goodbye to the New York City native and long-term lead female news anchor Sue Simmons when her contract expires in June. New York Post columnist Cindy Adams reports that Simmons?s bosses told her last week that her contract would not be renewed, while her co-anchor of 32-years, Chuck Scarborough?s contract is renewed for an additional three years.

The Post reports that ?her exit has been in the works for years.? They say her previous station managers tried to convince her to take a buyout in 2008, but she declined. In addition, ?the reason for her departure has to do with her reported ‘antics’ and $5 million dollar contracts.? With this tough economy, WNBC has been struggling financially and with an extra $5million, they can hire someone else and with a lower salary.

Simmons?s anti-social behavior probably helped higher-ups make the decision not to renew her contract. The Post says that Scarborough made frequent appearances at charity events and corporate functions, which Simmons never takes interest in. Due to the fact that Scarborough?s contract was renewed and they are both 68 years old it seems as if sexism may have also been involved in the reasons why she was let go. Since word has spread, there have been no comments made from Simmons.

Back in 2010, Simmons was away from her job while she underwent back surgery and on January 3, 2011, she returned to work. However, after her surgery, she was no longer a part of the 6 p.m. newscast and only co-anchored the 11 p.m. news. Although her contact ends in June, Simmons?s image on air has been declining over the past year. For whatever reasons WNBC decided to let Simmons go, her audience will truly miss her.

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