Bey Shows the Way: Global i365 Founder Davine Bey Talks Recruitment

Davine BeyDavine Bey knows talent. With his work as Cornell University?s Director of Talent Acquisition and as the CEO of Global i365 LLC, a management consulting and search firm ? his keen eye for excellence should come as no surprise.

?I started in recruiting in 1998; prior to that, I had spent nearly seven years in the insurance industry,? said Bey.

Bey?s first recruiting position was with a staffing firm named Aerotek, which?he revealed was influential in the technical staffing industry at the time. Today, Bey advises deans, administrative heads and central human resource partners at Cornell University. He has also developed and implemented measurable recruitment strategies for Cornell.

From an entrepreneurial aspect, Bey?s Global i365 LLC provides an array of services to organizations that are seeking direction and assistance in the development of its?practices,?staff and management. Through its website,? patrons can get a glimpse of the range of services and expertise that the company offers. Included in this catalog are custom diversity and inclusion educational opportunities, interim diversity leadership, strategic plan development, infrastructure development and design, and research and benchmark studies. Currently Global i365 has consultants in both the United States and the United Kingdom who are available to provide services to a company in need.

For Bey, Global i365 has been integral in his success at Cornell.

?Moving the needle at Cornell and building my team is my number one priority. Global i365 opened the door for me to join Cornell, and continues to counterbalance my ?extracurricular? professional activities outside of Cornell,? says Bey.

While Bey?s focus and commitment are on his work, he does have aspirations outside of his current career path.

?I have a deep appreciation for food?restaurant ownership is not far-fetched. In addition, I would like to teach a college course and author a book,? he said.

For now, Bey is enjoying what he said is one of the best careers in the world and he is continuing to meet and develop relationships with interesting and talented people from around the globe.

His advice to those with similar goals? To?develop and sustain relationships with individuals who add value to your development; never stop learning; and remember the quote by Ziad K Abdelnour: “The real world doesn’t reward perfectionists. It rewards people who get?things done.”