The Best Things You Can Do to Build Your Personal Brand

Here are a few important things you can do to build personal brand.

Are you looking for a new job? Having a personal brand may be the key to unlocking career satisfaction. It puts you in control of the image you project and helps you lay the foundation for your search and your goals.

1. Look Good and Confident
This may seem a no-brainer. However, all too often, people focus on the upper-level aspects of branding and neglect the foundation. You must look put together and well-groomed. You must appear capable of handling jobs. Focus on your hair, outfit and body. Do this even if you do not feel good about your appearance. Find clothes and a hairstyle that put you in a great frame of mind. You need to go into networking and interviews with a positive mindset; don?t let your brand start with: ?I don?t care enough about my looks.?

2. Craft Two or Three Important Features You Possess
For example, are you especially gifted in computer programming? How, and do you have examples? Might you possess the ability to sell a car to anyone? List these features and use them to define what is unique about you and how you can do something in a job that no one else can.

3. Spread Your Brand Whenever Possible
Promoting yourself can be awkward, but get over it. Print business cards listing your unique features and contact information. Give them out when you socialize. Tell people in your networks that you are job hunting and ask for their help. Call up people at companies you want to work for and tell them what you?re capable of?even if you do not see a position advertised.

4. Build Platforms
Write a blog establishing you as an authority in your field and guest blog on other sites. Host and run workshops, and join professional associations. Attend seminars and engage with speakers by asking smart, insightful questions. Leave good questions or comments on authoritative blogs. The trail will lead back to you.