The Best Summer Superfoods

These superfoods are in season during the summer, delicious and offer many health benefits

These superfoods are in season during the summer, delicious and offer many health benefits. Get them while you can before summer ends!
In season from May through October, these berries are positively loaded with antioxidants, compounds that battle free radicals and the damages caused by inflammation. The compounds that give them their rare deep blue color also have anti-diabetic effects.

Try adding a handful to your pancake batter, blending them with non-fat yogurt in a smoothie, or serving them up with grilled pork.
Red Bell Peppers
These sweet, crunchy peppers are at their peak from May through September. One cup contains just 25 calories but nearly 250 percent of the vitamin C you need each day.
Slice them up and dip them in hummus, add them to a grilled cheese sandwich or sautee them with chili, ginger and garlic for a tantalizing side dish.
Protect your heart, brain and skin by making this superfood part of your regular summer diet. In season from late June through September, tomatoes are the best source of lycopene, an antioxidant that slows arterial aging, protects your skin from sun damage, fights memory loss and can prevent stroke and heart disease.
Cook up a batch of tomato sauce to reap the benefits, or enjoy them raw with sliced watermelon, feta cheese and a touch of olive oil.
A classic summer staple, watermelon reaches its peak from May through August. Like tomatoes, watermelon is a great source of lycopene.
On a hot summer day, refresh with a smoothie made from lime juice, watermelon, mint leaves and coconut water, or grill up watermelon chunks on skewers with shrimp.
The most flavor-filled figs ripen in late summer, and the fruits are a great source of dietary fiber, potassium and calcium.
Enjoy them with a cheese platter, make a fig sauce for salmon or grill them with rosemary branches for a delicious side dish.
These early-summer treats are best from June to October. Loaded with ellagic acid, making strawberries a regular part of your diet can protect against ultraviolet radiation. The acid also prevents wrinkles because it preserves the collagen that smooths your skin.
Pick up strawberries at your local farmers’ market and eat them straight out of the carton, or make a strawberry jam that you can enjoy year-round.
Many varieties of these nutritional superstars reach their peak during the summer months. Stock up on pinto, red, black and kidney beans to get plenty of healthy antioxidants all summer long.
For an easy cold side dish, dress up your favorite beans with vinaigrettes and herbs, or make a delicious dip by whizzing them up with your favorite seasonings in a food processor.
Getting these superfoods doesn’t have to be expensive. Read more about how to eat healthy on a budget here!