Best Smartphone Apps for Business Travel

smartphone apps, travel apps, smartphone apps for travelMake your business travels a lot easier by using the appropriate smartphone apps.

Keeping track of everything while on the go used to be an impossible task. Well, not anymore. Now that smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, you can turn your trusted device into your very own personal assistant even when you are constantly on the road. By using the appropriate apps, you can plan your travel, find your way around, stay connected, and understand foreign languages without breaking a sweat. If you are wondering which apps will be most helpful during your business travels, here are some that you may want to consider:


Tripit is your “all-in-one travel organizer”. By sending your travel information to, you will get your very own custom travel itinerary that you can print and/or share with anyone you like. You can also access your complete travel details online or through your mobile device. With the paid version, you will also get information regarding flight refunds, delays, cancellations and gate changes to make your business travels a lot easier.


FlightView is a free app that keeps you informed of any changes (delays, route alterations and cancellations) to your airline’s flight plan. It also displays a real-time map showing an aircraft?s current location, altitude, direction, and speed. This app is available for all Android and iOS mobile devices.


With GateGuru, you can navigate the most heavily navigated airports in the world with ease even if you have never been there before. This helpful app provides a list of all the amenities (restaurants, ATMs, bookstores and other services) in more than 120 airports around the world. GateGuru also provides information you may need during your travel, allows you to reserve a rental car at a discounted price and even tracks your travel stats just for fun.


Find nearby points of interest (hotels, restaurants, banks, coffee shops, gas stations, movie theaters, hospitals and more) wherever you are with the help of this nifty app. It also provides GPS-driven directions so you can find your destination with relative ease.


This app can help you find a cab when you need one. It will provide you a list of cab companies in the area, the available car types and the available methods of payment.


Stay in touch with family, friends and co-workers without spending a dime by using Viber. With this free app, you can make calls, send text and photo messages, and enjoy location-sharing services with other Viber users.


With LingoLook, you will never get lost in translation. This app features about 150 illustrated flashcards and more than 500 talking translations to help you get your point across easily when travelling abroad.

With the help of these smartphone apps, you can start enjoying a more stress-free business travel experience. Count on it.