Best Possible Jobs Over the Age of 50

job over 50Finding a job over 50 is easy if you know where to look

First, the bad news: if you dream of being a bike messenger, pro basketball player or model, your hopes may be squashed after you turn 50. But there is good news, too: people over 50 have a huge advantage when it comes to careers that require wisdom, reliability and gravitas. Grey-haired workers have years of experience that no amount of post-grad education can compete with, making them well-suited for careers in many different sectors. If retirement is far from your mind, take a look at this list of the best jobs for people over 50:

Career Coach

Use your experience to guide others as a career coach. In this field, being over 50 works to your advantage, as older people are viewed as being more trustworthy and wiser, two essential characteristics of a successful career coach.?

Assisted Living Facility Professional?

These pros help residents with daily activities, ranging from accompanying them on outings to dispensing medications. This career is particularly well-suited for people over the age of 50 because many senior citizens prefer being overseen by someone close to their own age group. Now is a great time to enter the field, as there is a growing demand for these jobs due to America’s aging population.?

Financial Advisor?

People over 50 have something their younger counterparts lack: experience. Older workers are also seen as being more reliable, and people look for these qualities in financial advisors. It is one field where youth is definitely a liability.?

Tour Guide?

Whether you have international travel experience or just love your own hometown, a career as a travel guide is great for people over 50. You’ll get to share your experience while meeting new people and introducing them to the places you love most.?

Private Investigator?

Life experience is extremely valuable in this career field, as are critical thinking and writing skills. People over 50 in this field can enjoy higher-than-average pay while doing exciting work and channeling Humphrey Bogart in ?The Maltese Falcon.??

Sustainability Coordinator?

People over 50 often have project management skills not yet honed by their younger counterparts. Put these skills to good use in a thriving industry as a sustainability coordinator. This career marries traditional project management skills with a modern, relevant industry, making it a great option for older workers.?

Are you over 50 and beginning a new career? What makes your field ideal for older workers? Share your experience and wisdom in the comments section below.