The Best Job and Career Sites of 2013

Top Career Sites of 2013 Use these sites to help boost your job search efforts

The search for a job used to involve the newspaper classifieds and a highlighter, but the Internet far more often takes center stage in today’s searches. Use these sites to connect with potential employers, track your resume, build your network and ultimately boost your job search efforts.?

This career community lets members discover inside connections at businesses using their Facebook network, browse up-to-date job listings and access company-specific information generated by other users, including reviews, salary reports, interview questions and ratings. Employers can use the social recruiting solution to identify target job candidates.?
This site connects talented recent grads and college students to jobs and internships. Users create a profile, submit their resume and post a video personal pitch to show their skills and personality off to potential employers. Unlike most job search sites, users are guaranteed that their information will be viewed by hiring companies.?
Magnify the power of your contacts and uncover the top career opportunities through your professional and social networks with CareerSonar. The free service ranks opportunities by level of insider access, making it easier to leverage your network and land a job.?
Career Enlightenment?
Career Enlightenment was founded in order to explore the relationship between social media and a job search. The blog is packed with specific, relevant and entertaining advice supported by real-life statistics and stories for job searchers.?
Manage your career search more successfully by learning who opened, forwarded or printed your resume with ResumeBear. The combination of a sophisticated job search with social media strategies and career tools makes this one of the most effective sites in the world for career seekers.?
Users of this leading recruiting platform get highly relevant job matches through email, text messaging or social media on a regular basis ? weekly, daily or instantaneously. Over 10,000 job channels are utilized and segmented by industry, geography and job type to connect recruiters and employers with targeted job candidates.?
More than 175 million members around the world use LinkedIn to connect with colleagues, discover inside connections, showcase their businesses, discover top industry content, engage in professional conversations and land their dream jobs faster.?
Available in 26 languages and over 50 countries including South Africa, is one of the most efficient sites for browsing job listings because it grabs info from news sites, job boards and company listings. The advanced search function makes it easy to focus on jobs in a specific location, salary range and keyword.