Best Facebook Apps for Business: Get to Know Some of Them

facebook business apps, facebook appsUsing Facebook apps can be good for your business.

Like other social media platforms, establishing your presence on Facebook can be good for your business. It can help you showcase your products and services, highlight your brand’s unique personality, increase traffic to your site, generate high quality leads, engage your followers and gain loyal customers along the way. To make sure you get the kind of results that you need from your Facebook engagement, here are some cool tools and apps that you may want to consider:

Best Facebook Apps for Business


You can use Heyo to setup any contests, promotions and deals to drive traffic, leads and sales without worrying about writing any codes. You can use their proven templates or create your own using their drag-and-drop interface to create a fan page that actually sells. Heyo also works on multiple devices (desktop, tablets and mobile devices).


With Pagemodo, you can impress your audience by creating stunning customized cover photos, convert your fans into loyal brand advocates and paying customers by creating custom tabs and contests, and keeping them engaged by posting relevant content.?


If you want to create an effective fan page for your business without shelling out huge amounts of money, then you should definitely consider what RipeSocial can do for you. It can help you create an awesome custom welcome tab, showcase your best products using their portfolio app, and earn new customers with their coupon and sweepstakes apps.?

You can also use it to promote new events using the workshop app, embed videos and blog posts, build your list via the newsletter app, integrate your Twitter account, and offer free downloads. With RipeSocial, you can easily create brand awareness, promote client interaction, drive website traffic, generate sales leads, and encourage repeat business.?

Forum for Pages

Adding a discussion board to your Facebook business page can further enhance user engagement. This app can very well do it for you so you should definitely check it out.

Deal Share

You can easily create and share a viral deal on your business page by using this app. Deal Share integrates seamlessly with your website’s current platform and/or PayPal account so you don’t even have to worry about signing up for a new e-commerce solution. ? ?

Customizing your business page by using third party apps such as those mentioned in this article can enhance user experience and promote better engagement. It can help you retain visitors longer and keep them coming back for more.