Best Cloud Storage Systems

An Overview of the Top Three Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud storage is an important part of today’s mobile, modern world, and there are many services that can hold vital data and free you from the frustrating restraints of a PC so the files you need can be accessed at any time and from any place. Choosing the best service for your needs can be difficult, but this rundown of some of the most popular cloud storage solutions can make the choice easier.?


This is one of very few online storage solutions that works across nearly every platform, including Blackberry and Linux in addition to Mac OSX, iOS, Windows and Android. This means that when you use Dropbox, your data can be accessed with nearly any type of technology or device.?

Basic accounts are free and come with 2GB of storage, which is plenty of space for documents but creates limitations when you want to store video, photos or music. Upgrading to 100GB is inexpensive, but you can also get extra storage for free by getting a friend to sign up.?

Syncing is simple and automatic, and you can share files with pals through sent links or by directly sharing the file.?

Overall, Dropbox is a benchmark in the cloud storage industry because of its compatibility and reliability.?

Google Drive?

Users get 15GB of space when they setup Google Drive, and you probably already have an account if you are a YouTube, Google Calendar or Gmail user. Your storage won’t increase when a friend signs up, but there are frequent promotions to get more space for downloading other programs, and you can keep up to 20,000 songs in Google Drive without it counting toward the limit by using Google Music.?

Easy to use and generous with its storage limits, Google Drive is one of the best options available today, especially if you use other Google products frequently.?

Microsoft OneDrive?

Similar to Dropbox, this storage solution offers 7GB to new users and has a referral system that can increase storage up to 12GB (Dropbox’s referral program can increase storage to 18GB). Tight Office Online integration makes it a great option for people who already use that program, and the social elements of OneDrive make it easy to share files with friends. The biggest downfall of the system is that Microsoft can scan your files for objectionable content, like files of an explicit nature or those that could be copyrighted material. ?