Best Accounting Apps for iPhone

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Accounting apps help you get your expenses under control

Need a little help climbing out from under accumulating debt? Looking for ways to balance your income against expenses or invest for retirement? Maybe you?re starting a business and you?d like a way to monitor your financial data while you?re on the go. No matter what your long term plans may be, or which aspects of your financial life could benefit from a little extra guidance, the following apps for the iPhone and iPad can help.

Keep in mind that not all accounting apps are equally meaningful; some offer very little value and some are full of technical glitches that make them almost impossible to use. But the ones we?ve listed all appear to be functional and provide real resources that help you help get your debts, expenses, savings and investments under control.

Apps to Manage Income and Expenses

Xpense Tracker: This expense tracking app can help you maintain clear records of every expense, including your mileage. It also generates reports, which can help you with reimbursements, and it can send photos of receipts directly to your desktop while you?re on the go.

Daily Expenses: This expense tracker offers similar features, plus support for multiple currencies. It can export your expense data directly into a spreadsheet and produce colorful, readable charts and summaries.

Apps to Help with Debt Reduction

Debt Snowball Pro: You enter your interest rate, monthly payments and total debt balance. The app then calculates the entire cost of your loan and helps you select a payoff method. Use this app to easily compare the costs and benefits of different strategies.

Pay Off Debt: This debt control app has received great reviews online. It compares a variety of payoff strategies with clearly displayed debt-free dates.

Apps to Manage Taxes and Travel

TurboTax Snap Tax: Use this app to review your taxes, pay them, and then file them securely. Each new version contains updated and accurate information. Begin the process for free, then pay after your tax calculations are complete.

Trip Boss Travel Manager: Calculate tips and divide up the cost of restaurant meals, convert international currencies, and set and maintain multiple travel budgets at the same time. This app also helps track mileage, manage fuel costs, and generate expense reports.

Have you tested these apps? Do you rely on any of them to help manage your personal and business accounts? If so, share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.