Behaviors of Genuine People

genuineWhether you?re building a business, a network, or friendships, you always want to look for people who are genuine. After all, nobody wants to work or hang out with a phony. On the flipside, that goes for you, as well. Bet you never considered that.?

In case you’re wondering, genuine means actual, real, sincere, honest. Genuine people are more or less the same on the inside as their behavior is on the outside. Unfortunately, it’s a tough quality to discern. The problem is that all human interactions are relative. They?re all a function of how we perceive each other through our own subjective lenses.?

Being genuine is also a rare quality. In a world full of phony fads, media hype, virtual personas, positive thinkers, and personal brands ? where everyone wants what they don?t have, nobody?s content to be who they are, and, more importantly, nobody?s willing to admit to any of that ? it?s becoming more and more rare all the time. ?

To help you identify this rare breed — in yourself, as well — this is how genuine people behave.?

They don?t seek attention. They don?t need constant reinforcement of their own ego. Where attention seekers have a hole that constantly needs to be filled, genuine people are already filled with self-confidence and self-awareness.

They?re not concerned with being liked. The need to be liked is born of insecurity and narcissism. It creates a need to manipulate your own and other?s emotions. Confident and authentic people are simply themselves. If you like them, fine. If not, that?s fine, too.

They can tell when others are full of it. Perhaps na?ve folks can be easily fooled, but genuine people are not na?ve. They?re grounded in reality and that gives them a baseline from which they can tell when things don?t add up. There?s a big difference.?