Be SMART About Your Job Search

In this tough job market, it’s very easy to spin your wheels, making no progress, submitting resume after resume and hearing nothing back from anyone. There are three main reasons for the frustration:

1. Volume of competition — the average job posting receives over 250 responses, a very large number for any employer to sift through.

2. Resume/application databases- – the large number of responses has necessitated the use of applicant or resume databases. Having your resume pulled out of those databases for a human being to view it depends on including the “right words” (the keywords) on your resume/application.

3. Not obviously qualified — Most of the responses to job postings are from people who are not clearly qualified for the job they are applying for. In fact, they may be qualified, but they haven’t made that fact obvious to the employer (with the right keywords), so their applications are ignored, and their resumes drop down the infamous “black hole.”

The whole process is very frustrating, wasting your valuable time and energy. It’s also extremely discouraging to hear nothing or to be rejected.

The S-M-A-R-T-S Job Posting Response Success Strategies

Rather than hastily emailing a your resume as quickly as you can to every job you find, take the time to demonstrate your SMARTS in responses to the employers and job postings which interest you.

S – Sell what the employer is buying.

Do not try to submit a “general” resume that will show the employer you are qualified for many jobs! First, they most likely won’t have the time to analyze your resume to figure out how great you are and all the other jobs you could do for them. And, secondly, a general resume will not contain the “right” keywords so that your resume is actually seen by a human being.

If you create a cover letter (very good idea) or send an email with your resume, make it easy for the reader to understand what you are trying to accomplish. Specify the job you are seeking by making the job title and your qualifications for that job very clear. [Read “Get That Interview with a Great Email Message” for more ideas.]

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