The Battle of the Fitness Wristband

FITThe industry has spoken: Your wrist is the new lap. It?s where computers are going next.

It?s a bold ambition. Your wrist is personal. Anything you put there has to be strapped on all day ? and operated one-handed, for seconds at a time. There?s no room for a mouse or keyboard, let alone niceties like jacks, hard drives, or big screens.

And there aren?t tons of reasons why you?d want a computer on your wrist. Text messages, email, GPS, alarms ? all of these things are better and easier to manage on your phone. There is one huge exception, though: health tracking.

Since the dawn of humanity, the goings-on inside your body have been pretty much invisible. When do you get insight into your body mechanisms? Maybe ten minutes, once a year, in a doctor?s office.

No wonder we?re an overweight nation. We know we?re supposed to eat better and move more ? but how can we do that, when we can?t see how much we?re eating and moving?

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