Balancing Work and Family: 7 Useful Tips for Working Moms

work life balanceFinding the right balance between work and family does not need to be elusive.

Being a working mom is a tough job. Most moms who are working fulltime outside the home usually harbor feelings of guilt since they feel they don?t have enough time for the family. They are also constantly under a lot of stress since they are always juggling their domestic responsibilities with their professional obligations.

With the unique challenges that confront working moms on a daily basis, how can you find the right balance between your family and your career? Here are some useful tips to consider.

Stop feeling guilty. Instead of feeling guilty about not spending more time with your kids, focus on how your work benefits the family. Cherish the good things about working but accept the fact that there will always be trade-offs when you choose to be a working mom. There will be times when you need some extra support so don?t be afraid to discuss your feelings with your partner or find a support group that you can trust.

Get all the help that you need. You cannot do everything by yourself so don?t hesitate to ask for help. Find quality childcare to take care of the kids while you are at work, consider shopping for groceries and sorting your finances online, and get everyone in the house to help with the daily chores.

Get organized. Avoid chaos in the morning by getting organized the night before. Decide what you would make for breakfast, and pack your bags (both your kids? and yours) and place them by the door next to your keys so you can just grab them on your way out. You should also designate an area (preferably near an entryway) where all your important documents should be placed to save time and improve efficiency in your home.?

Create a family calendar. Among others, a family calendar can help you keep up with school and family events, and remind you when your bills are due. For best results, set about 15 minutes of your time at the end of the week to prepare the coming week?s schedule and use online calendars so you can easily share the family schedule on your smartphones.??

Have a distinct line between family time and work time. Draw a clear line between being a mom and a career woman. Try to be the best mom you can be when you are at home. Try to limit distractions so you can fully dedicate your time to your kids while you are on mom mode.

Make time for your partner. Nurture your relationship with your partner. Have monthly date nights so you can enjoy each other?s company and bring some spark back into the marriage.

Take care of yourself. Don?t forget to set aside some time to relax and just be yourself. Treat yourself to a spa, read a nice book, listen to your favorite music or take a refreshing bubble bath to recharge your energy and prepare yourself for another hectic week ahead.