Documentary “Lessons of Hayti” to Air Next Month

Photo of The Lessons of Hayti signageThe Lessons of Hayti, winner of Best Documentary at the 2013 Harlem International Film Festival and Best Historical Documentary at the 2013 AFI World Peace Initiative in East Hampton, New York, will begin airing in television markets across the country through Black History Month 2014.

The documentary, produced by Harlem filmmakers, Terry A. Boyd, Byron C. Hunter and Edward Harris Jr., will launch the weekend of January 18-19, 2014, with broadcasts in New Orleans, Milwaukee and Minneapolis/St Paul. Television broadcasts of The Lessons of Hayti will run through early March 2014, reaching more than 70% of USA African American households.
The Lessons of Hayti details the historic rise of African American self-determination and economic empowerment following the Civil War and highlights a period in American history that saw more than 100 independent Black towns and more than 70 Historic Black Colleges and Universities built within 40 years of President Abraham Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.

The Lessons of Hayti will also be featured at the 22nd Annual Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA on Friday, February 7th and Tuesday, February 11th, 2014.

A listing of confirmed stations and times is attached below. Additional listings and cities will be announced when they are confirmed.

1/18 SAT 6:00 pm- Milwaukee- WCGV (MNT)
1/18 SAT Noon- Macon- WPGA (IND)
1/18 SAT 2:00 pm- Youngstown, OH- WYFX (FOX)

1/19 SUN 1:00 pm- Milwaukee- WCGV (MNT)
1/19 SUN 11:00 pm- New Orleans- WDSU (NBC)
1/19 SUN Noon- Minneapolis/St. Paul- KSTP (ABC)
1/19 SUN Noon- Chattanooga, TN- EDSI (MNT)
1/19 SUN 1:00 pm- Erie, PA- WXFP (FOX)

1/20 MON 7:00 pm- Mobile/Pensacola/Ft. Walton -WJTC (IND)

1/25 SAT 4:00 pm- Columbia, SC- WACH (FOX)
1/25 SAT Noon- Jacksonville, FL- WTEV (CBS)
1/25 SAT 4:00 pm- Savannah, GA- WTGS (FOX)
1/25 SAT 2:00 pm- Wilmington, NC- WWAY (ABC)
1/25 SAT Noon- Tallahassee, FL/Thomasville, GA- WTLH (FOX)
1/25 SAT 3:00 pm- Austin, TX- KNVA (CW)
1/25 SAT 11:00 am- Alexandria, LA- NALB (CBS)
1/25 SAT 1:30 pm- Rochester, MN/Mason City/ Austin- KXLT (FOX)

1/26 SUN Noon- Augusta, GA/Aiken, SC- WFXG (FOX)
1/26 SUN 11:00 am- Monroe, LA/El Dorado- KAQY (ABC)

2/1 SAT Midnight- Tampa/St. Pete/ Sarasota- WTTA (IND)
2/1 SAT 4:00 pm- Hartford/New Haven- WCTX (MNT)

2/2 SUN 2:00 pm- Chicago- WLS (ABC)
2/2 SUN 3:00 pm- Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville- WTVD (ABC)
2/2 SUN 2:00 pm- Jackson, MS- WAPT (ABC)
2/2 SUN 3:00 pm- West Palm Beach/Ft. Pierce- WPBF (ABC)
2/2 SUN 3:00 pm- Pittsburgh- WPMY (MNT)

2/3 MON 8:00 pm- Greensboro/High Point/ Winston-Salem- WGSR (IND)

2/8 SAT 4:00 pm- Richmond/Petersburg- WRLH (FOX)
2/8 SAT 2:00 pm- Nashville- WZTV (FOX)
2/8 SAT Noon- Cincinnati- WSTR (MNT)
2/8 SAT 2:00 pm- Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo/ B. Crk- WZZM (ABC)
2/8 SAT 2:00 pm- Dothan, AL- WDHN (ABC)

2/9 SUN 2:30 pm- Detroit- WADL (IND)
2/9 SUN 5:00 pm- Columbus, OH- WTTE (FOX)
2/9 SUN 11:00 am- Shreveport- KMSS (FOX)
2/9 SUN 2:00 pm- Greenville/Spartanburg/Asheville/Anderson- WHNS (FOX)
2/9 SUN Noon- Savannah, GA- WTGS (FOX)
2/9 SUN Noon- Chattanooga, TN- EDSI (MNT)
2/9 SUN 11:00 am- Hattiesburg/Laurel, MS- WHPM (FOX)
2/9 SUN 11:00 am- Meridian, MS- WGBC (FOX)
2/9 SUN 1:00 pm- Erie, PA- WXFP (FOX)
2/9 SUN 2:30 pm- Rochester, MN/Mason City/ Austin- KXLT (FOX)
2/9 SUN 4:00 pm- Honolulu- NHON (CW)

2/10 MON 9:00 pm- Greensboro/High Point/ Winston-Salem- BNT (IND)

2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Atlanta- WTBS (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Atlanta- WJCN (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Los Angeles- KTBV (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Los Angeles- KTAV (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Dallas/Ft. Worth- KHFD (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Dallas/Ft. Worth- Channel 99 (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose- KTLN (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Birmingham/Tuscaloosa- WSSF (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Indianapolis- WSOT (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto- KMSX (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Phoenix/Prescott- K421Q (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Charleston, SC- WLCN (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Las Vegas- KEEN (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Denver- KDEO (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Oklahoma City- KUOT (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Oklahoma City- KWEM (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- San Antonio- KAXX (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- San Antonio- KVHC (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Waco/Temple/Bryan- KPLE (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Huntsville/Decatur/Florence- WMJN (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Columbus/Tupelo/ W. Point/ Hstn- W34DV (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Columbus/Tupelo/ W. Point/ Hstn- W39CD (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Beaumont/Port Arthur- KAOB (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Portland, OR- KRHP (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Syracuse- WYXT (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Syracuse- WYKO (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Knoxville- WJDB (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Gainesville, FL- WGEC (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Peoria, IL/Bloomington IN- GPS-TV (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Topeka- K401J (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Salt Lake City- KJDN (IND)
2/12 WED 9:00 pm- Fort Smith/Fayetteville, AR- KVAQ (IND)

2/15 SAT 1:00 pm- St. Louis- KDNL (ABC)
2/15 SAT 3:00 pm- Columbia, SC- WACH (FOX)
2/15 SAT 2:00 pm- Omaha, NE- KETV (ABC)
2/15 SAT 3:00 pm- Youngstown, OH- WYTV (ABC)
2/15 SAT 1:00 pm- Cedar Rapids, IA/Waterloo/Iowa City/Dub- KCRG (ABC)

2/16 SUN 1:00 pm- Philadelphia- WPVI (ABC)
2/16 SUN 1:00 pm- Charlotte- WSOC (ABC)
2/16 SUN 4:00 pm- Tampa/St. Pete/ Sarasota- WTTA (IND)
2/16 SUN 1:30 pm- Montgomery/Selma AL- WNCF (ABC)
2/16 SUN 2:00pm- Myrtle Beach/Florence- WPDE (ABC)
2/16 SUN 1:30 pm- Lafayette, LA- KATC (ABC)
2/16 SUN Noon- Flint/Saginaw/Bay City, MI- WJRT (ABC)
2/16 SUN 2:00 pm- Providence, RI/New Bedford, MA- WJAR (NBC)

2/22 SAT 2:00 pm- Orlando/Daytona Beach/Melbourne- WRDQ (IND)
2/22 SAT 5:00 am- Dothan, AL- WDHN (ABC)

3/1 SAT 1:00 pm- Cleveland/Akron/Canton- WEWS (ABC)
3/1 SAT 3:00 pm- Greenville/Spartanburg/Asheville/Anderson- WHNS (FOX)
3/1 SAT 5:00 am- Kansas City- KMCI (IND)
3/1 SAT 1:00 pm- Savannah, GA- WTGS (FOX)
3/1 SAT Noon- Chattanooga, TN- WFLI (CW)
3/1 SAT 1:00 pm- Fort Wayne, IN- WPTA (ABC)

3/2 SUN Noon- Chattanooga, TN- WDSI (FOX)
3/2 SUN 9:00 pm- South Bend/Elkhart, IN- SBT2 (IND)
3/2 SUN Noon- Wichita/Hutchinson, KS- KSAS (FOX)
3/2 SUN 2:30 pm- Dothan, AL- WDHN (ABC)

3/8 SAT 12:30 pm- Bluefield/Beckley/Oak Hill- WOAY (ABC)